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Vaesen indie game

If you’ve ever fantasized about being a gnome in a Swedish forest, Vaesen will soon make that happen.

The wolf that ate grandma,  the witch in the gingerbread house, the headless horseman, these were the scary fairytale creatures that haunted my childhood nightmares. By the looks of Vaesen’s trailer the creatures of Nordic folklore are much scarier than those of my memories. Long haired skeletal creatures with snarling grins emerge from beneath still …

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Can you escape the Jaws of Extinction?

This just in… The CDC reports thousands infected with what can only be described as a Zombie virus. Once infected the living are rendered mindless cannibalistic monsters seeking to feed on human flesh. How will you survive? Kimberly: Raid the local camping goods store. Hike into the mountains away from civilization.  Set up camp near …

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Balance Bros Indie game

Will Balance Bros bring balance to the world?

There’s many many games out there where you’re in competition with your friends while playing. Running around trying to kill each-other, or out-maneuver each-other. It’s very refreshing to find a game based on cooperation!   Personally, I think if cooperation where taught more readily instead of competition the world would be a better place. Maybe …

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