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Balance Bros Indie game

Will Balance Bros bring balance to the world?

There’s many many games out there where you’re in competition with your friends while playing. Running around trying to kill each-other, or out-maneuver each-other. It’s very refreshing to find a game based on cooperation!   Personally, I think if cooperation where taught more readily instead of competition the world would be a better place. Maybe …

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The Quest Giver Interview

Have you ever wanted to give someone a +5 vorpal sword for killing a rat? Well, now you can! The Quest Giver leaves it up to you!

“I have to go where? and talk to who?” “Really! I just came from there.” “Ugh, I’m walking in circles!” Have you ever felt this way while playing a quest-driven game? Do you find yourself yelling at your screen wondering what kind of guild master would assign such ridiculous missions? Do you long for the …

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