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PlayNYC 2018 – Saturday Interviews – Part 2

We are continuing our Play NYC Saturday interviews with a bunch more really talented indie developers! We’re starting this one off with something truly revolutionary!



Looking Glass Factory



The Looking Glass is a new holographic display that lets you view, interact with, and share 3D creations in the real world. See whatever you put inside your Looking Glass — from a virtual pet to an architectural model or a CAD drawing of a rocket engine — come to life.


This is something that’s a little hard to believe without seeing it. You may want to pre-order one now so you truly understand what it’s all about!



Be social with Looking Glass Factory here:



Miasma Caves



Miasma Caves is an experience focused on exploration and discovery. The story follows Lesath, a bookish dragon girl who has taken up the family business of treasure hunting to help reinvigorate her village, Radiant Ridge. As Lesath, you venture into the caves, looking for treasures while avoiding the natural environmental dangers.

We first saw this, and played, this game at Pax East this year and it’s really come a long way since then! It’s obvious the team had been working really hard!


You can follow Windy Games progress on Miasma Caves here:



Saturday Morning Games



Saturday Morning Games is a battle card game created by  & based off of popular Saturday Morning Cartoons!

We had a lot of fun playing this game! I came pretty close to winning the first hand. We also supported them on Kickstarter! You may want to do the same!




Studio 217



Use the Oculus Rift and the Oculus Touch Controllers to enter the world of Mister Mart!

In Mister Mart, you play the role of a customer service representative at a bad grocery store. Because it’s such a bad grocery store, all of the customers are returning their purchases! Use your hands to place the items into the return bin, and punch annoying customers to get them away from your desk.
Try to get the highest score and keep your stress level down by returning items and getting rid of customers as fast as possible.

Check us out on Steam! http://store.steampowered.com/app/599180/Mister_Mart/

Mister Mart is oddly cathartic! Kimberly and I had a blast playing it and it’s really funny to watch someone else play too!

Keep up to date with Studio 217 here:



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