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PlayNYC 2018 – Saturday Interviews – Part 1

We were so honored to be invited to cover Play NYC this year at the Hammerstein Ballroom in Manhattan Center on August 11th and 12th. Play NYC is put on by Playcrafting and grew out of a meet-up group! If you’d like to know the full story you can check out our podcast with CEO Dan Butcko here:


Kimberly and I got to meet, and talk to, so many talented indiedev about their indiegames. We interviewed many of them on site and most of the ones we didn’t interview there we set-up interviews for later dates. Keep an eye for them coming soon! Below you can find part 1 of the interviews with the fine folks we talked with on Saturday. Please keep in mind that these were recorded live on a busy convention floor!


Anthropic Studios


We’re currently building a narrative driven puzzle game Way of Rhea. In the game, the player navigates a world in which they can only interact with objects while their character matches the object’s color.

Programming and game design by Mason Remaley, visual art by Carolyn Whitmeyer, narrative design by Evan Morris, sound by Nick Romero, and music by Colin Quinn.

Follow us on TwitterInstagram, or Facebook.



Avolve Innovations



Creator of Scuba’s Ocean Odyssey. Play as Scuba in this full, emersive, underwater VR adventure and embark on a journey to save the ocean from pollution.




Hero: Tales of the Tomes



Hero: Tales of the Tomes is a multiplayer card game in which each of the players takes the role of a legendary hero and battles it out until only one is left standing. The gameplay is fast and exciting. With all the potential for twists and comebacks, you’ll never truly feel out of the game.

Hero Tales of the Tomes Facebook tales of the tomes twitter tales of the tomes instagram



Killer Snails




killer snails twitter killer snails instagram


We’d like to thank everyone who shared their stories with us, Dan Butchko and Playcrafting!
Stay tuned for Part 2 of Saturday at Play NYC!
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