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How can Indie Box and Conference Merch help my indiedev friends? Find out below!

I had the pleasure of talking with James Morgan, CEO of Indie Box and Conference Merch, about how his two companies help indie developers and indiegame designers. As you listen you’ll find out they offer many solutions to common problems that indiedev face when it comes to doing game conventions. Conference Merch is only a few weeks old but offers a great “all in one” solution for monetizing at conferences and they have big plans! There’s also some good advice about planning in there too.


Have a listen!



So here’s something really cool!

James has offered a discount on the Merch Pack for my indiedev friends!

You can go here: https://conferencemerch.com/bti

and use the code: BTI to save almost 100 bucks!



You can get social with Conference Merch using the links below:

conference merch twitter conference merch facebook conference merch instagram


You should have a look at Indie Box at their website here: https://theindiebox.com/

Get social with Indie Box using these links:

Indie box twitter indie box facebook indie box instagram

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