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The Aliens are Real! You could help save us all! Become a Solar Warden!

We are very happy to welcome back Dan Adams from Polar Zenith for this podcast follow-up about his indie game Solar Warden!


They are on Kickstarter right now and I’ll tell you straight. Go support this game! It’s a game that not only should be made but it deserves to be made for many, many reasons. If you want to know those reasons… listen to the podcast 🙂 If you’d rather just trust my judgment and support them right now, here’s the link:



Our first interview with Dan was back in March when this game came to our attention and we were impressed right from the start. You can go click on the May archive to see that original interview. There is some stuff there that we don’t cover in the podcast.


What we do discover in the podcast is an in depth look behind the scenes of making the game, the technical term for what’s left after blowing up a meteor, Nazi’s on the darkside of the moon, news on a demo that’s coming out soon, why Dan liked being the DM in D&D, how to put a crucifix in space, Why you should support indie games, and even more! (was that enough commas, or should I have one more?)


Here’s a look at some game-play for you:


If after listening you decide to make a pledge in our honor, here’s the picture we talked about.


solar warden indie game


You can keep up to date with Solar Warden with any of the links below or at their website:




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solar warden on facebook
solar warden on twitter


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