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Let’s kick it into gear with these Kickstarter updates!

Wordoboros was the first Indie Tabletop game we featured on Behind the Indies  and I’m happy they were! If you’d like to know why you can check out their interview but right now they need some support!
I’m not going to chase my tail, or talk in circles. I will tell you, straight up, go to their Kickstarter and show them some love!

This 2 person indiedev team has got a good game here. Emily’s artwork is amazing! It’s reminiscent of Ralph Steadman’s early work (but a tad less blotty and more drippy) The game itself… Hopefully you’ve already clicked on their kickstarter link and I don’t have to explain!


If you need more motivation to do so… You’d better hope Dan never gets his wish!


“If you could command a magical power, what would it be?


I’d control birds. I don’t know what you’d call that. Aviamancy? Ornithomancy?

I’d have huge flocks of birds swarm down on my enemies and blot out the sun. They’d eat vast fields of crops. They’d peck really unpleasantly. They’d cover your patio in goose filth. I’d have cassowaries and ostriches kick you if you got in my way. I’d frighten my foes at night by having ravens and parrots utter creepy lines like Edgar Allen Poe but without the cousin marrying or having to live in Baltimore.”


Why are you still reading? Go support them and then come back and read the rest!


We’re doing something a little bit different tonight. We’re going to highlight some talented Indie Developers who we’ve had the pleasure to talk to over the last few months. They are all worthy of your support and guess what? You can do just that! They are all on Kickstarter right now or have just made a big announcement that deserves an update!


I’m going to do this in order of when their kickstarter began, followed by some special announcements!


We’re now on our 2nd ever interview. They first appeared back when Behind The Indies was still being published at my personal wix page. It’s a non-linear platform shooter with a crazy cast of gun toting animals. We followed up with them recently in a podcast. Have you figured out who it is yet?

Here’s a hint:


“What is one early memory of a game that made you go “Wow, that’s something I’d like to do”?

That’s a hard one to answer. It was certainly around the N64 era. I was really impressed with Megaman X4, Ocarina of Time, and Final Fantasy 7. Those games really sent me down the rabbit hole, haha.”


Is it driving you N.U.T.Z., it should be!


Pandemonium Interactive is building the indie game N.U.T.Z. and it’s challenging and fun! You can see for yourself by checking out our collaboration review with TheHiddenLevels.com or downloading the alpha and playing for yourself.


You can also hear our followup podcast with the developer, Alex Melchiorre here:


If any of this has caught your attention you should show them some support on their kickstarter campaign!

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This information will not come as a surprise to some of you. If you are one of those who believe… perhaps you’d like to help!


You could become a Solar Warden and help to save us all!


solar wardens interview

We got to talk with Dan “Kamikaze” Adams back in March and fell in love with this game and the direction it’s going. The story is built on the (conspiracy) theory that there is an elite group of individuals who are protecting us from alien threats. They are The Solar Wardens and in the year 2070 there is no denying the threat is real.


The game combines 6 degree freedom space dogfights, ship upgrades and load-outs, fleet management, diplomacy and system wide economics, satellite defense management, and if that’s not enough for you it incorporates unique fast travel and telepresence!  Want to know what telepresence is? You can find out by visiting their Kickstarter here:



We’ve also got an incoming podcast being relayed through the satellites from fleet command this week! Be sure to tune in everywhere podcast are heard at “Behind the Indies”

(I’m going to do a little editor note kinda thing. Please support this game so I can play it!)



City of brass on xbox one ps4 and pc

We got to catch up a bit with the folks at Uppercut Games this year at PAX East and their booth was full of players the entire time! Just looking at this game gives you an idea of how much fun it is to play.


That’s probably why, City of Brass will be available on PC, XBOX One and Playsation 4 in less then a week on May 4, 2018.


There is an early access Steam Version available now:




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