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What would a fish controlled robot do if it’s home was burned down? Find out in Feudal Alloy!

The first thing I noticed about this game was that it’s noticeable! The look of the game brings me back to watching Saturday morning cartoons as a kid with my Sister eating spoonfuls of peanut butter dipped in sugar for breakfast before my parents got up. I wish a game like this would have been around then, I would have been all over it!
So if you haven’t been keeping an eye on this indie games development I’ll fill you in a bit. You play as Attu, a fish controlled medieval robot who’s home has been burned by marauding outlaws. Fortunately for you they didn’t find your trusty rusty sword and you head out on a journey of retribution and adventure.
Aside from the eye catching look of Feudal Alloy they have some cool features in the game that are a bit different. For one all the dialog is picture bubbles. They also have a pretty unique upgrade system. For more detail on the game I’ll turn it over to Eva. One of the games designers.
Oh, One more thing. You may think the robot Attu is the star of this game, but it’s actually this guy! The studios founding member 🙂


Founder of Attu Games



Hi, Thanks for taking the time to answer some questions for us.

(I want to mention that Attu Games is in Znojmo, the Czech Republic, and so bear in mind she’s not a native English speaker. I also want to thank her for answering in English because I don’t speak Czech at all! If you see something in italics it means I edited a bit for her)

I’ve been following you guys for a while and specifically the progress of Feudal Alloy, but for those who don’t know you’re making a game about a robot with a fish in it’s head… Who came up with that idea?


I don’t remember where the idea originally came from. Lukas was just sketching some characters and we really liked this one. So we decided to build a whole game about that and people like this.



You describe the game as a metroidvania-style action RPG. Can you tell us how those 2 aspects are going to work together?


We wanted to make a game where you can discover varied areas and improve your character.



I should mention that this isn’t your first game. You put out Toby, The Secret Mine in 2015. What were some things you learned from that release that you are implementing in Feudal Alloy.


There were a lot of things. Really. Lukas developed the game by himself. Toby: The Secret Mine is a nice game with bad gameplay. Now we know how important is to ask for feedback.



Do you have any Dev to Dev advice for other indie developers trying to get their first game out?


Try to come up with something your own and don’t make another copy of any famous game. Because such a game won’t be successful.


dev process of indie game feudal alloy

I’m sure you’ve noticed the #girlsbehindthegames campaign. As a female game designer how do you feel about that campaign?


I haven’t noticed that campaign before, to be honest.

I’ve noticed some people adding #womanbehindthegames do you think that’s more accurate?


I think that is great to know there are more and more women in the industry but I don’t feel a need to add this hashtag.

For a long time there was the thought that only teenage boys play video games. We’ve been seeing trends of females playing more and more in certain genres for years now. Do you think that could expand into different genres as more females get into game development?


I do and that’s a cool change. I’ve been playing games since I was a little girl, and my favorite genres are RPGs, metroidvanias and strategy games.



The style of Feudal alloy is very different from your last release. What drove the decision for the artistic style?


We like the art style of children books. I were surprised there are very few games in such art style.

 concept to game


For those who don’t know Feudal Alloy is hand drawn. Is there a reason you decided to go this route?


There are many pixel art games these days and we think it could help us to stand out.



How has the hand drawn graphics compared to your last game in terms of time and mechanics?


Everything is much more complicated (drawing, animations). We’re still beginners and have to learn a lot.



You also have a pretty cool method of dialog using pictures in word bubbles. Why did you choose this dialog method.


We don’t like those huge amount of text in dialogues in some RPGs which in fact most players skip and don’t even read. We hope our animated bubbles could be more fun even though they are much more difficult to make.



You guys are very active on social media which is great for us fans… There’s recently been some questions asked of the community and I’m curious about the feedback you’ve gotten for the motherboard skill tree.


Thanks to our community we’ve improved a lot of stuff. The motherboard skill tree is one of our most successful updates. The mechanic of this update is same as you can see in other games. Players get a skill and activate it in a slot, but the motherboard system looks different and makes sense in the world full of robots. People like it which is great for us.


curcuit board upgrade system for indie game feudal alloy

Can you tell us a bit about what skills and upgrades we might expect?


There are going to be skills like double jump, dash, blocking, special attacks, wall jump and more. You’ll be able to upgrade the main character by spending money for his body parts or improve his health and oil bars.



You recently showed us a fast travel system and mentioned you’re working on maps. This leads me to believe you’ll have to go back and forth in areas you’ve already visited. Are there going to be puzzles or items you’ll have to travel for?  


Exactly! There are going to be pieces of the map you’ll find in the world.

What would you say is the most interesting aspect of the game?


We’re trying our best to make gameplay smooth and fun to play.


gameplay fuedal alloy

What do you think needs more work?


Based on feedback we’ve received it is important to improve tutorials, add maps, bosses and localization.



Your last game took you guys a year and a half. Do you have any estimates on how long this one will take?


For about two and a half. I hope our next game won’t take three and a half 🙂



Do you have any plans for when a beta will be available for people to take a look at?


We don’t want to have a beta available for everyone. The purpose of that demo was just to gather feedback and inform press.

Is there any ‘behind the scenes’ info we missed that you’d like us to know?


I’m not sure. I try to announce all the news on social media.

You’ve found it! The Hidden Section! Brought to you by the hidden levels!
Below you will find a special sneak preview of the game brought to you by our friends at TheHiddenLevels.com. They have provided us with a game-play preview of Feudal Alloy! We want to thank them for collaborating with us to bring you the best indie game coverage!
If you haven’t checked out what they’re doing over there you should stop over. You can find them on twitter @thehiddenlevels too!


and now a sneak peak of Feudal Alloy:
You can keep up to date on Feudal Alloy with the links below:


attu games youtube feudal alloy facebook feudal alloy twitter

Or on their website: http://feudalalloy.com/

Feudal alloy is created by Attu Games. An indie development team consisting of Eva Balikova
Game Designer & PR, Lukas Navratil Game Designer & Development & Artist and Matt Steed Music, Freelancer



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