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Solas and The White Winter Game-play in honor of their Steam Launch!

We just did an interview with these talented indiedev folks from Savepoint Studios and wanted to follow-up with showing you a bit of their indie game Solas and The White Winter. They just released on Steam today so we though it would be nice to give you a peek of what this game is like.
I just did the first series of puzzles in this one because I didn’t want to give too much about the game away. It’s definitely worth checking out. I’ll be playing more of it and may add more videos to this page as I go.
If you missed the interview with this 3 person team you can read it here:

The interview gives you a behind the scenes look at why this game is what it is and the decisions that lead it to this point. There’s also some good advice for other indie developers and maybe a little weirdness 🙂
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You can get on Steam here:


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