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We go way behind the scenes and in depth with N.U.T.Z.

Meet Alexander Melchiorre. Founder, CEO and Game Designer of the upcoming indie game N.U.T.Z. He took time out of his schedule to talk to us just before his Kickstarter launch. If you didn’t know already Alex was the second person I ever interviewed for Behind The Indies and now, he’s our 2nd podcast!
We go way behind the scenes with Alex talking about many aspects of his indie game N.U.T.Z., a sneak peek at some Kickstarter rewards, character development, new characters, how he deals with, and integrates feedback, and so much more!

For the first time ever we’ve teamed up with The Hidden Levels to bring you dual coverage of this awesome indie game!
Check out @GamerGuyInASuit playing N.U.T.Z.
N.U.T.Z. comes to Kickstarter April 11th!
Keep up to date with the games progress at their website:


Also you can find them on Brightlocker here:


check out their social media using any of the links below:

  NUTZ twitterNUTZ facebook NUTZ youtube

I want to thank Alex again for taking the time to talk with me during this super busy time!


If you are interested in seeing the original N.U.T.Z. interview we discuss that was posted on my personal site just for nostalgia, you can!


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