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foxus interview update

Foxus is coming to Steam Feb 27th

Vladimir Maslov, the creator of the indie game Foxus was my first interview @behindtheindies. I had a chance to catch up with him briefly a few days before the launch of Foxus on Steam.

Take a deep breath and go the way of the fox. What do you think of that for the followup interview?

Hello Brian!

How are you?

Things are still crunchy. I am starting my work at 10 AM and working until 2-3 AM each day with taking small breaks.

And it’s not like I’m going to take a deep breath after that since from my past experience I’ll be working on the post-release updates.

How do you feel about Foxus being released?

It’s very exciting to me! Glad to see that people are hyped about the game! I hope people will find it enjoyable.

Thank you everyone for all the amazingly kind words!

You doing OK? Staying hydrated?

Ice chocolate drink today just made my day, hehe!

Thankfully, my friends and family all over the world are very supportive people, and they don’t mind helping me out with different things like testing and vocalizations.

Lately we were joined by a French translator and a friend of mine, Amélie, who’s not only thoroughly testing each new build, but she has also been giving me quite a bit of inspiration lately.

How are the final preparations going?

We have successfully passed Valve’s review for releasing on Steam and now working on the day 1 patch.

We’re also preparing to start sending out streaming and press keys, but this is most likely not happening until late Monday/early Tuesday, because that is up to Valve.

Good luck with Behind the Indies project!

Vladimir has also been kind enough to make this for me!

I was amazed and grateful that Vladimir took the time to talk to me briefly during his very busy preparations.

Thank you Vladimir!

If you didn’t read the first interview, you should and, you may not know that Foxus is described by Vladimir as “pretty chill and relaxing.” I have a feeling it’s creator shares these qualities, as Vladimir seems to keep his composure and be pretty chill even under pressure!

Keep up to date on the progress of Foxus here:



Foxus is coming to Steam Feb 27, 2018.

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