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G30 is unforgettable, even though it deals with forgetting!

There is honestly so much to say about G30 that I don’t know where to start! Do I start with how incredible it looks? Maybe I should start with Ivan developing a multi award winning game with his first indie project? Perhaps the soundtrack? Do I tell you about the inspiration for the game and how it’s actually addressing and will bring awareness to very serious issues of memory loss and Alzheimer’s disease?

You know what? I’ll let Ivan tell you about that!

The first thing I noticed in G30 is the aesthetic. It has a very interesting look. What inspired the look of G30?

Initially, I wanted to visualize memories in G30 by composing photos. But it didn’t work out on the core mechanics level. So as I was looking for another solution, my graphic design background surfaced and I’ve remembered a lot of company logos made up of overlapping color parts. That’s how I came up with the game’s aesthetic.

Can you give me a brief overview of the objective in G30?

The main idea of the game is to recreate the process of memorizing – by combining telescopic text and graphical puzzle. G30 tells the story and visualizes the experience of a person with diseases that affect the memory and social problems that appear with it.

The game’s visual consists of several parts that are controlled with the help of dashed lines. Dragging them like strings, player not only solves the puzzle, but also reveals the memories in telescopic text. In turn telescopic text is connected to visual puzzle and serves as a progress indicator – that’s how the player sees if the solution is close. The more you solve the puzzle the more text unfolds.

Also telescopic text changes the meaning on every step, sometimes really dramatically. It represents the transformation of memories when we add new details to them. We see the world that slips away from the main character whose personality and memory will soon fade away together with the reason of his existence.

This game is about what we remember and what we’ve forgotten forever

How long have you been working on this project?

About one and a half year with pauses.

How long have you been developing games for?

It is my first game ever.

What is one early memory of a game that made you go “Wow, that’s something I’d like to do”?

I loved most of the games from 90s but when I first saw The Neverhood game in 1997, I thought it was the most weird, creative, unique and fascinating game than I have ever seen before. That’s when I realised games are something I want to do.

What makes this game different from others?

G30 has a meaningful atmospheric gameplay, a distinctive visual style and combines puzzle mechanic with telescopic text. The game shows how the person with a disease that impacts its memory experiences the world around.

What are you building it with and why?

I use Unity as the game engine because it’s easy for beginners. For content creation I’m using a bunch of other programs, mostly Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Reaper and many others.

Is there anything you’d have done differently looking back on it now?

Game development and design is a complex and iterative process and wrong decisions help you find the right solutions. So it’s an interesting journey and I like where it goes now.

Did you go to school for what you’re doing and/or how did you learn to do what you do?

I think experience in different areas is important for a game designer. For me it’s a degree in computer science, experience in graphic design, UI/UX, art, literature, cinema. I’m also doing music and some sound production, it helps too.

In the beginning of 2017 I completed a game design course at Games Academy in Kyiv. There I’ve had a chance to meet some experienced game designers from the industry and learn from them.

What were your childhood interests?

Computers, games, physics and biology, literature, music and drawing.

What would be a single piece of important advice for other indie developers?

Do not be afraid to create something new.

What platforms are you releasing your game on and why?

It’s iOS first, then Android and then we’ll see. The reason is Apple pays attention and supports indie games with unusual gameplay and looks – so it was an obvious choice.

You’ve already received several awards, was that something you expected when you started making the game?

Not at all. I’ve started G30 to show my skills and maybe find a work as a game designer. But when the game started to come together, I just couldn’t stop.

What, if anything, do you feel needs more work?

I’m trying to keep balance between polishing and time, because I’m a perfectionist and it’d take forever to release the game I’m imagining. But still quality is my main key.

What would you say is your best attribute, game related or not?

I’d go for curiosity.

Do you use any specific methods to evaluate progress at different stages of development?

I can’t really tell, I’m still fairly new to this.

On your facebook page you mention that G30 has a social narrative of telling the story of a person with a mental disease. Can you tell more about this and why you chose to incorporate that element?

I was shocked to learn the tragedies of people with diseases that affect their memories and cognitive functions. Like the Alzheimer’s disease. Whoever they were, no matter how intellectual they were, writers, scientists and presidents had forgotten who they were and who their relatives were. And there is no cure and even no effective measure to prevent AD.

I want G30 to show how people with those kinds of diseases see the world. How they feel about the past they can’t remember and the reality they can’t recognize.

Do you have an estimated release date?

It’s May 2018

Do you have any other games in the works?

I have a lot of ideas, and I can’t wait to start working on them after G30 will be released

I’m going to be following Ivan and G30 closely. You probably should too! You can find more about his indie game at any of the links below! Go on, click on them!

G30 facebook link

G30 twitter



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